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Are you serious about making a change

I'm unconventional, I'm an expert in making your mindset matter, I get premium results 

Give me a day and I can change your life

Give me half a day and I can switch your mindset

Do you want to feel more energetic and stronger

Reduce the risk of burnout and enjoy the life you have

Do you want to stop being sick and tired and become ...

Keywords - mental health, well being, stress, anxiety, resilience

Get the best out of teams. 

Creating healthy happy inclusive teams in a motivated working environment

How can I do all that? I have 25 years experience in people development, training in EDI health fitness, sustainabilitiy and ecology, NLP, Hypnosis and coaching. Indepth understanding of the science of health, happiness, resilience and well being. Toolkit of evidence based practices used in coaching therapy, the community and workplace. 

Learn how to apply positive psychology for personal and professional development.

Values led forward thinking teams struggling with the pace of change.

We take health fro granted until it goes wrong. We demand a lot from the body that we live in and often we don't look after it very well. We treat it like a ...expecting it to go on and on without any care and attention. An old care gets rusty and full of holes. An old house starts to leak. Everything that gets looked after fulfills it's purpose more effectively and lasts longer, looks better and performs better.

As a senior manager do you look at yourself and your team as a wholly inclusive culture where individuals think independently and collaborate with eachother with creative and agile thinking, optimal performance in a responsive and dynamic organisation. Is there an environment that values cultural and emotional intelligence

Creative momentum Anticipate and innovate Catapult   Interwoven. the science and art of. the scientific art of. An art and science of

Enduring human skill sets needed to capture the market

Creat the change

Beyond limits, beyond boundaries - re-energise performance

Accellerate growth in a healthy way. 

Do you feel like

Have you considered   What ewould it be like   Can you picture   Would you consider for a moment   Do you envisage  How would it change if  Imaging what could be achieved  when you and your team