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Your members of staff are your most important assets. They are the heart of your business and of course you want them to succeed, stay with you and be happy.


What’s happening to your staff right now?


  • Do you have high-level staff absence due to illness, injury, back pain, stress or anxiety?

  • Considerable staff turnover and you’re not sure why?

  • Problems with communication and conflict within teams?

  • Pressured and stressful working environment affecting staff productivity?


As well as working with individual clients, we work within busy offices and offer practical sessions designed to increase the health and productivity of staff. 


We run a 12-week programme incorporating mindfulness, mental health, mindset, communication, nutrition, movement health, values and goal setting. Each session is 1 to 1.5 hours long and can fit in as a breakfast or lunchtime meeting. Sessions can also be combined into half-day or full-day programmes to suit your business needs.


We encourage team members to develop their own ideas and to re-energise their working methods. It’s all well and good showing people the way, but it’s essential that each team member discover their own capability to improve the relationship they have with their work environment. That way, the next time they encounter a difficult client or a challenging piece of work, they will be well-equipped to draw on their own reserves to handle the situation.


Feeling more positive and empowered at work results in a happier working environment and increased productivity for the business. But don’t take my word for it, give it a try. 



See your staff become their best selves


  • Improved mental and physical health, resilience and presence

  • High motivation and engagement 

  • Well developed critical thinking and creativity 

  • Effective communication and harmonious working relationships 

  • Effective working patterns and greater personal care. 


Get in touch to find out exactly how we can help your business thrive.